About Us

It all started with ex-UTV Production Head, Prakash Nathan, a media professional with more than 22 years of work experience. While he was working actively on various national and international projects like, Haider, Chennai express, Bolt, Highway, PK, Barfi, Kick and many more, his brain stirred an idea of creating a market that would become a one-stop-shop to provide all the solutions relating to Media and Entertainment.

So, the next step he took was to share his idea with some of the brilliant minds, who could support it. Thus, he approached Inkswipe Consulting LLP, the known expert in digital and technology domain, who already have catalysed the affirmatives for Kolkata Knight Riders, Indian Idol Junior, TATA sky, My Box Office and many more. They heard the idea and immediately visualised the potential of it.

Along with Inkswipe, Girish Kumar, founder of Aiplex Software Pvt. Ltd. (the Digital Ninja/Anti-Piracy firm) also got sold to it. With their collective efforts, the mighty Cinemarkets came to life. No, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, the core team gave the skeleton its flesh and skin.

What to expect from Cinemarkets?

Cinemarkets allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally- created/Entertainment/Media content. Cinemarkets provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution/connecting platform for original content creators and advertisers of any size. Cinemarkets gives various opportunities to media fraternity to connect and share their expertise with the world. On the consumer front, Cinemarkets is a comprehensive, innovative and high-end interactive platform, offering much needed support to the ever-growing and evolving film & entertainment industry in India, as well as the globe, by providing updated Bollywood, Hollywood and all the woods’ on the globe’s gossips. It also gives an opportunity to the consumer to purchase Memorabilias from movies, celebrities and TV. All in all, Cinemarkets is an enabler to the efficient amalgamation and seamless functionability of the film industry and its varied needs, as it deserves to be acknowledged as an organized sector.

Film Industry is a collaborated art form; it's not individualistic in nature. It entails painting, literature, music, architecture, sculpture, costumes, hair art, make-up, theatre. It’s a mother of all art forms. Hence, Cinemarkets is all pepped-up to serve the industry with its ever- increasing needs and demands.

In a nutshell, one can say that Cinemarkets is a dynamic new age platform which will engulf the Business to business (B2B) & Business to consumer (B2C) of the entire media world. First of its kind in India, Cinemarkets will fill the vacuum of rapidly growing film industry pan- India by engaging the content producers, creators and the vendors under one umbrella. Enjoy!