You Saw Them Act, Now Let Their Music Blow Your Mind
By Minu V Mishra | 02 May, 2016 | 5:00 pm
You Saw Them Act, Now Let Their Music Blow Your Mind
"Actors who are also Rock-stars."

Having one talent and being awesome is totally great, but what if you can master two. There are many who have multiple talents. There are many such people in this world. Just like below are the stars from our Bollywood world. These are celebrities who are not just great actors but also a good musician in the industry.

Vir Das: This actor cum comedian is multi-talented and is a great singer. He also has a Band named as Alien Chutney. Their unique way of lyrics attract audience quickly and turn them into fans. Recently his new track of Maggie have been loved by the audiences a lot, it has also gone viral over the internet.

Saif Ali Khan: Apart from being one of the great actors and producer Saif Ali Khan is also famous for his love for playing guitar. We all have seen his Nawab avatar but very few know that he is crazy for music and guitars. We have been lucky enough to see him perform in some reality shows.

Farhan Akhtar: No introduction is needed for this multi-talented artist. He is an actor, Director, Writer, Producer and also a very famous singer. Before starting his acting career he has tried his luck in singing where he was appreciated a lot. He still continues to sing, dance, produce, write and produce, this versatile actor is difficult to stop. 

Purab Kohli: He started his career from a small Tv show where he was praised a lot. Later we came to know that he loves drumming. He loves his music and drumming. He practices playing the drum with his friends and enjoys it a lot. We have seen him playing drums in the Movie ROCK ON! The madness you see in Rock On is the real him. The name in the movie is given as ‘Killer Drummer’ yes that what he actually is.

Shruti Hassan: This artist started singing at the age of 6.The actress who can speak in 8 different languages can also sing in those languages and blow your mind. She is also a part of Alt- rock band names ‘The Extramentals’ No wait! Not just that she has lent her voice in a lot of Jazz, pop and rock numbers.



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