‘I think I am rebellious…'
By Divya Solgama | 27 Apr, 2016 | 12:21 pm
‘I think I am rebellious…'
Shraddha Kapoor
"‘Shraddha Kapoor’ has been in the news ever since the super success of her film ‘Aashiqui 2’ followed by her performance in ‘Haider’ and great dancing skills in ‘ABCD2’. "

Our Bollywood Guide 'G9 Divya Solgama' had the pleasure of speaking to her where she spoke about her latest film ‘Baaghi’, her reasons to do an action film, her personal connect with the film and about her forthcoming films, ‘Rock On!! 2’ & ‘Ok Jaanu’.

Shraddha, first things first you will be seen in ‘Baaghi’, in an action avatar, so kindly share with us something about it?

Shraddha Kapoor - I feel like I want to push myself more in terms of acting. I have received a lot of love from the audiences and I am very grateful, but I really want to keep pushing myself more. I want to keep doing something new all the time. I am very happy to have done action in ‘Baaghi’ but let me be honest; this film is a Tiger Shroff show all the way. I have done very little action and I had a great time doing it. I hope people accept me in this avatar as well. I have yet to watch ‘Baaghi’ in totality, but whatever I saw during dubbing, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Shraddha, kindly walk us through your role in ‘Baaghi’. Also, share with us the similarities you have with your character of Sia in the film?

Shraddha Kapoor - Sia likes to do whatever her father wants her to do. She will speak to the clouds because they are her best friends. She is quite imaginative in that sense. I think I am rebellious when it comes to doing good work and give my 100 percent. I love to work hard, so yes I am rebellious in giving my 100 percent in whatever I do.

Shraddha, among your contemporary actresses you have worked with most of the actors from the younger generation. You have achieved stardom without even working with any super or megastars. So do you feel you have an upper edge over your contemporary actresses?

Shraddha Kapoor - There is no question of having an upper edge on anybody. I was privileged to work with Amitabh Bachchan, R Madhavan and Ben Kingsley in my first film, ‘Teen Patti’. There are these memorable quotes like ‘Don’t take success to your head and failure to your heart’ or ‘Look for the stars with feet on the ground’. I follow these quotes and keep myself down to earth.

Shraddha, this year seems to be quite hectic for you as you were juggling between ‘Baaghi’, ‘Rock On!! 2’ and ‘Ok Jaanu’. So how challenging was it to do so many films at the same time?

Shraddha Kapoor - I was shooting for ‘Haider’ and ‘Ek Villain’ at the same time, so it was very challenging to switch off and on into different characters. I feel maybe this time when I was shooting for ‘Baaghi’ and ‘Rock On!! 2’, I think I was a bit better at switching between the characters. ‘Rock On!! 2’ is almost done and it will release in November. Regarding ‘Ok Jaanu’, I would like to bring my interpretation of a character in the film. The actors who did the Tamil Version have done a phenomenal job.



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