‘I was very ‘Chikna’ in ‘Heropanti’...’
By Divya Solgama | 27 Apr, 2016 | 12:00 pm
‘I was very ‘Chikna’ in ‘Heropanti’...’
Tiger Shroff
"‘Tiger Shroff’ is back after the super success of his debut film ‘Heropanti’."

Our Bollywood Guide ‘G9 Divya Solgama’ had the pleasure of speaking with him where he spoke about his upcoming film ‘Baaghi’, his idol Bruce Lee, similarities with ‘The Raid’, his co-star Shraddha Kapoor, ‘Flying Jat’ and his favourite films of Jackie Shroff.

Tiger, first things first you took a long time to finalize a film after your debut film ‘Heropanti’. So what excited you to sign up for ‘Baaghi’?

Tiger Shroff - I was four years old and at that time ‘Enter The Dragon’ was playing on the TV. That first screening changed my life as ever since then I started to visualize myself like Bruce Lee and always wanted to be like him. While growing up I always idolized Bruce Lee. I always wanted to sort of follow his path. ‘Baaghi’ gave me a chance to express one of my talents through very high potential action on the lines of Bruce Lee. The only reason the action is there in this movie is because of the story. The character has no choice but to fight, he has an incentive. Keeping that in mind, the story demanded me to fight. That’s the main reason for me to agree over doing this movie.

Tiger, looking at the promos of ‘Baaghi’, the action seems to be a key point of the film. Kindly share us about the difficulties you had related to these action scenes in the film.

Tiger Shroff - Everything related to the action in ‘Baaghi’ was tough. Rain is a very important theme in this film. We had a couple of action sequences in the rain. So fighting in the rain was not easy as the surfaces were slippery and when you are doing an action scene and moving fast, it’s very tough as you cannot be at your best.

Tiger, how was the working experience with your co-star, Shraddha Kapoor?

Tiger Shroff - It was a pleasure working with Shraddha as she is a childhood friend. Even after coming of so many big-big films, she is so easy to work with. No starry tantrums or anything. Working with her gave me so much positivity.

Tiger, you had a catch phrase (Sab ko aati nahin, meri jaati nahin) in ‘Heropanti’ and now in ‘Baaghi’ you will be doing the same (Abhi toh maine start kiya hain). So will this be a regular feature in all of your upcoming movies?

Tiger Shroff - I think my director is very commercial director. That being said the hero's out here in our country are very stereotypical and very massy. I guess the mass appeal to such catch phrases might have made my director think along those lines. I just follow the instructions of my directors. If they want it then its fine with me or else I don’t tend to do this in my every film.

Tiger, looking at the promos of ‘Baaghi’ one does feel some similarities with a Telugu film ‘Varsham’ and the Indonesian film ‘The Raid: Redemption’. So what’s your take on these similarities?

Tiger Shroff - I haven’t seen ‘Varsham’ so I cannot comment on it. Regarding the Indonesian movie, ‘The Raid: Redemption’, recently there was a case filled with us for being similar to this movie. It’s that time I saw ‘The Raid’ and I figured why did they fill a case on us. Let me tell you that our film is a love story and ‘The Raid’ is just nonsensible action, going up floors and beating people up. We have action scenes all over the place. It’s just in the climax we have a fight in a building. So comparing the whole film with ‘The Raid’, is not correct as in that case Bruce Lee’s film ‘Game Of Death’ also has a similar theme. Bruce Lee keeps going up floors in that film and keeps fighting with different fighters.  If a hero is riding a horse doesn’t mean that he is trying to copy ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’. There are so many films which have been made and are being made, so mild similarities tend to happen.

Tiger, how will you describe your journey from ‘Heropanti’ to ‘Baaghi’?

Tiger Shroff - I was very ‘Chikna’ in ‘Heropanti’ and I got a lot of bashing for that. ‘Heropanti’ was the very educational journey for me. I was completely new, totally raw. On the sets, I used to learn all the details of film-making. Now I am lot more aware as I know what’s going on, I know about my character, the traits of film-making, how and what to express. There has been tremendous change and that change is for good.

Tiger, along with action lovers and female fans, you also have a great fan following with the kids. Your next film ‘Flying Jat’ is a superhero film. So was this a conscious decision to cater your fans?

Tiger Shroff - I got lucky with the kids yaar. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the super humans. I have been wanting to imbibe their qualities and attributes. That’s why I wanted to be a superhero. In past, I used to say that I want to be like Spiderman and now in ‘Flying Jat’, I got the opportunity to play a superhero. Saying that I want people to see this movie before they label me as an action hero, as it’s a different sort of film.

Tiger, does your father (Jackie Shroff) shares his opinion or views related to your selection of films?

Tiger Shroff - My dad is very cool, I have been a great fan of his films. My favourite films of my dad are ‘Parinda’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Teri Meherbaniya’. Though, I feel few of his great films like ‘Mission Kashmir’, ‘Gardish’ and ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’ didn't get it’s deserved due. ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’ was my favourite film as I used to watch it every night before sleeping. He does not interfere in my work or my decisions. He lets me take decisions on my own. He is only strict with me when it comes to food. He does not like me eat non-vegetarian food as he is a strict vegetarian.



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